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J A N A K P L A C E . C O M

Janak Place Janak Puri District Centre



        Welcome to Janak Place Janak Puri District Centre. Possibly, Janak Place may one day be an international destination. Well, the Delhi Commonwealth Games are over and remember, there were assertions from quarters that the City shall move forward by at least 5 years after they are conducted. So we have all moved forward, isn’t it?


        The surroundings boast of a cineplex, showrooms, retail outlets in apparel, technology, service centres, gift shops mostly on the lower levels, all sorts of Offices (Housed in ‘Office Flats’) one would expect in a major Commercial Centre (a part of Master Plan) or District Centre mostly on the upper levels of the different Towers. The various addresses are within the buildings of Kirti Shikhar, Vishwa Sadan, Jyoti Shikhar, Vishwa Deep Tower, Vishal Tower, Jaina Tower – I, Jaina Tower – II, Suneja Tower – I, Suneja Tower – II, D.D.A. Building. You can shop here, watch films, move around, make friends and spend an eventful day. Relish eating joints from local brands as well as National and MultiNational brands, browse the Craft Bazaar in a sunken court sometimes known as mini-haat. Some stalls here regularly have temporary ownership in change mode. Malls that have come up are getting occupied too at a furious pace (oh, sachchee?). A 5-Star rated Hotel (!) is now perched in the vicinity. As for International,.. well, cleanliness, hygiene, civility, meaning civic sense, a semblance of order, including during late evenings, and level headed courteous authorized personnel are the perquisites required anywhere to hope likewise. Hmm..


        Telephone Exchange, Transport Authority Office, Police Station, a Club, a Petrol pump, a CNG refuelling outlet for vehicles - these are all in close proximity. The District Centre (Center if you are North American!) has parking in the basements as well as at the Road level. The ‘Janak Puri West’ Metro Station is 1 - 6 minutes walk (depending on where you are and your speed). The ‘Janak Puri East' Metro Station is not too close but who doesn’t enjoy a walk once in a while even in these super fast paced times! Vikas Puri and Tilak Nagar, amongst others, are the closest neighbouring colonies. The Najafgarh Road (Shivaji Marg here), Outer Ring Road (Basrurkar Marg here) provide access.

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